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5/11 eBook Creation Made Simple with Storybird

Storybird is an online writing tool that lets students choose art from a huge bank of illustrators that will inspire them to write their own stories. All they have to do is click and drag the illustrations onto their page and start typing. They can then publish their stories for you and their classmates to see or make them public for the World to read.

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  • Just have to tell you how much I love your style of teaching and all the great info you share with us. I am not a "digital native" and you make the classes really easy to understand, I don't get stressed out, and I am excited to try new things in my classroom with technology.

    Google Tricks Participant, Google Forms/Spreadsheet Tricks & Scripts 2/5/14

  • I might not use this too much from a teacher's perspective, but I'll definitely recommend (and be able to guide!) my kids to use it. Rebecka and Kate are so patient and explain everything from tiny details to tricks and unknown tools. I LOVE these trainings, and I LOVE that we can get an SSU unit for them, too! THANK YOU!!!!

    Prezi Participant, Prezi: 12/9/14

  • I have never enjoyed and learned in a class like the one I had today with Rebecka.

    Google Documents Participant, Google Documents: 2/4/15

  • I will take every tech class that I can get to that NCOE offers. This is my fourth and I am expanding my abilities each time. I really appreciate these opportunities to learn.

    iPad Basics Participant, iPad Basic 10/2/14

  • You were so incredibly patient and responsive to those who needed support!! Your support helped keep the class on track to finish on time. THANK YOU!!!

    Classroom Website Participant, Classroom Website Creation 5/14/15

  • Rebecka was fabulous and encouraging. I plan to show this to and use it with my students. They'll love it. I know I do already!!! Thank you!

    Google Documents Participant, Google Documents: 2/25/15

  • Love her pacing...anticipates what we need and clearly DOES HER HOMEWORK to provide a seamless presentation. Less than ten minutes after I thought to myself that I'd really like a list of resources for free pics/videos/sounds, she provided the help! LOVE THESE SERIES!!!! This is something I can definitely implement with ease in my classroom and see its advantages in multiple layers within my educational realm.

    WeVideo Participant, WeVideo Editing: 10/21/14

  • Seriously the BEST PD we have had at this site in a LONG time! Thank you! You are very clear and easy going! GREAT presenter

    Google Documents Participant, Google Documents: 2/25/15

  • I am SUCH a beginner on anything technical. I appreciated the small class, nice computers, and having a "helper" in addition to the main speaker. I would take this class again, as it's all new. I appreciated it being offered.

    Google Slides Participant, Google Slides: 2/18/15